I was born in the Spring of 2004. My mom was a feral cat -- that means she was a domestic cat that had no home, and lived outside like a wild cat. Her name was Junior. I have a brother, Pod, and a sister, Grace. When we were in my mother's womb, she had a virus that attacked Grace and me. It caused a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia (those are big words). Grace and I were left with balance problems caused by a part of our brains that could not develop properly. We're normal in almost every way -- we play, fight, purr, meow, and do just about everything else a "regular" cat does, but we can't sit, stand, walk, and run like other cats. We try hard to walk and run, and can do so for a little while sometimes, but we eventually fall down.

So what makes me a "lighthouse kitty?" Well, you can't hang around the people I live with and not learn to love lighthouses. Bob and Diane are always out and about, usually doing something that has to do with lighthouses or history. If I want to spend time with them (I do!), I have to visit lighthouses, historic sites, parks, and other fun places (and meet lots of people). So although my special condition causes me lots of problems, it has also given me some unique opportunities. I might not be a "lighthouse kitty" if I had not been born with cerebellar hypoplasia, because my condition makes it impossible for me to run away and get lost when I go on my adventures.

As I grow up and go on my adventures, I'll share them here. And I'll post links so you can find out more about the things I'll discuss. Stop by every so often and see what I have been up to. I'll post my schedule, when I have one, and maybe you can come see me. I love to meet new people -- it makes me purr!

For an explanation of what a lighthouse is, some basic American lighthouse history, and a glossary of lighthouse terms, please click HERE.

To read all about my adventures, please click HERE. Coming soon: my Long Island Lighthouse Challenge adventure, and my trip to visit more Rhode Island Lighthouses!

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